Friday, September 29, 2017

Halloween Jammies!

One of my favorite traditions each year is getting the kiddos super cute Halloween jammies! This goes all the way back to when Emma was a teeny little babe. I love the feeling that the holidays are officially beginning and I love how cute and excited they get to dress up!

I usually like to wait until October 1, but decided to get them out a few days early since it's Conference weekend so we'll be hanging out in jammies all weekend anyways. :) Just look at these cuties! I bet this will be our absolute best holiday season EVER!
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Spider Tales

Alright, so earlier this week Emma came to me in the morning as we were getting her ready for school and such and told me she saw this huge spider out the window. Now we've been here for about four months and frankly the "big" spiders my kids usually show me are tiny little things I can barely see! But I went and looked and man did I regret THAT! It was HUGE! And totally freaked me out. It had created this gigantic web that spanned across half of our garage {we went out the front door to get to the bus}. I went out to look at it better and it got scared and ran away so I knocked down the web in hopes that it would leave {the webbing was SO strong, seriously I could barely break it!}

However, it returned and today was the THIRD day in a row! The same spot, with a gigantic web. I have to admire the spider's willingness to do all the work only to have it destroyed each day and the webs really were quite beautiful, but my fear got the best of me and I just kept envisioning this thing either getting into the house or falling on my head one day while I was walking by so it had to go.

It met it's demise this morning when I sprayed it with wasp spray. I was amazed at how resilient it was! I sprayed it {direct hit} and the thing managed to scamper back up to the roof to seek refuge, however, I did see it later when I came back out had died and fallen down onto the driveway. I felt a bit bad, but the thing freaked me out. Now all is well again and I'm really hoping we don't have too many more critter encounters!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Forever September

I'm assuming it's just because Nate is gone but September has seriously been dragging on. I am so over this month! {And ready to get my hubby back!!!} We've tried to stay busy but that doesn't always help. I started out the first week really good...I went out running nearly every day! It felt good to get active again...

However it kind of tapered off as kiddos got sick and such so I couldn't get out plus I've been utterly exhausted running after three kids by myself! We've had a lot of easy dinners and craziness but we're surviving.

These little boys are incredibly cute but they definitely keep me very busy throughout the day! Let's just say I haven't even watched a movie since Nate left cause I'm so exhausted when the kiddos finally go to bed at night. It is definitely a new experience.

While a lot of the days are long and hard, I am thankful for all of the small moments that I can enjoy. We may be in "survival" mode for the most part but that doesn't mean we're not happy! I love these three special kiddos more than I can ever say!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Visit from Grandma & Grandpa!

When we discovered Nate would be gone for an entire month, my parents decided they would try to find a weekend they could come and visit. That way they could help break up the monotony of the month and enjoy some time with the kids. It was nice having someone who could help keep the bigger kids entertained {especially when Oliver needed looking after}. They really enjoyed playing board games and going on a walk/bike ride with Grandpa!

I made Chinese food Saturday night and sadly my pizza stone cracked in half in the oven! It was crazy! I've heard of this happening but thought it was pretty uncommon so it was kind of a surprise. I'm a little sad, but luckily it didn't mess up dinner and we have another one on hand!

Nate also sent this amazing Edible Arrangement and it was so yummy {and needed!}. Everyone enjoyed some for dessert and I felt very loved receiving it from him.

At church on Sunday my boys were being super sweet. Jake just wanted to hold Oliver's hand the entire time! Church with little ones isn't always easy but sometimes it is SO worth it!

After my parents left on Sunday afternoon we indulged in some yummy ice cream and watching some of our favorite shows! It was nice to have visitors for the weekend, but we're glad to get back to our routines. Thanks for the fun Grandma & Grandpa!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Boys Will Be Boys

While I love my Emma girl, it really is so different when she's at school because her bubbly {and loud, haha} personality isn't as intense so my little boys can start to be themselves some too! Without all the added craziness. I've loved watching these two boys play together and cooperate. Jake is really so sweet and loving with Oliver and it just melts my Mommy heart. He is constantly wanting to share toys, talk to him, sing to him, and hold him. As much as Emma and Jake love to play, I know these two boys are going to be SO close as they grow and become best friends.

Jake himself has grown such an amazing personality! He woke up this morning and requested pizza for breakfast (he is totally his Daddy's son), and he loves to make "planes" aka quadcopters out of everything he can find to fly around the house. He is such a ray of sunshine to us and I love watching him learn and grow!

I'm grateful for the time during the day that I get to spend with these sweet natured boys and hope that I will always take time to enjoy their kind personalities!
Monday, September 18, 2017

Bedtime Stories

Even though we're surviving okay now that Nate is gone for a few weeks, I have to say the hardest part of the day {really whether he's here or not} is bedtime! Getting three kiddos settled down and into bed is an immense struggle, especially when one of them needs rocked and held for a while before sleeping. However, we've worked out a pretty good system now where Emma and Jake will go into Jake's room and Emma will read stories to him while I put Oliver down. It's really the sweetest thing! Now that Emma can read she enjoys sharing the time with him and it helps me keep them occupied and calm until I can put them to bed. Plus, I love sneaking looks at them when Oliver has finally gone down.

It's moments like these that I'm so proud of Emma and how grown up and responsible she has become. She really is a wonderful big sister and loves to help out her brothers. She's always willing to do things when I need her help and she loves any chance to take care of them. I hope these babies always have a special bond because it really warms my heart. Only three more weeks to go!
Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dapper Sunday

The kids looked so cute today at church! And honestly were so well behaved! I was terrified at how going to church alone with three kids would work out, but it hasn't been too terrible...yet ;) And it's always a bonus when they are adorable to boot! Even though they looked cute it didn't change their silliness level, haha

I also had a good laugh with how Jake secured our fridge here. He loves his little tools and I can always find him tinkering with something and fixing something. He's so fun!

I love when Sundays feel smooth and happy. We're still surviving so I guess that's a good thing!