Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Funday

I don't normally like the term "Sunday Funday" because I firmly believe that Sunday is the Lord's day and should be treated as such! However, that doesn't mean we don't occasionally have fun times on Sunday. Today was one of those days, haha After we all woke up I returned to my room and found my bed had been infested! This tends to be a regular occurrence when you have children. I think it's fun! And always a special surprise to see what awaits us when we go to bed at night...

Before church the kids were "dressing" themselves and I could not stop laughing! Jake is wearing Nate's shorts (not correctly at all) and Emma is wearing a winter scarf. It is literally 90+ degrees outside! These kiddos crack me up!

The lastly, I caught a super cute picture of Jake at church in the nursery when he was playing with the bubbles. He loves nursery and has the best time in there! I'm so glad!

We've been spending the rest of the day resting up and trying to prepare for Monday to return us to the grindstone. Here's hoping it's a great week ahead!
Saturday, August 12, 2017

Happy Saturday! {Sci-port Discovery Museum}

Saturday mornings can be rough! Nate has been heading off to a road bike ride every Saturday pretty much since we moved here. In his defense, he's riding in the Hotter than Hell ride again this year so he needs the practice! But it does make for long mornings...anywho this particular morning I decided to make some yummy mini muffins with fun toppings for the kids and they were a hit!

Everyone gobbled them up and I'm pretty sure Oliver would have eaten them too if he'd been allowed, haha And there was obviously a clear winner for which was the favorite! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Mickey Mouse sprinkles at all!

After Nate returned from his ride and we grabbed some lunch we headed to explore a new place! Sci-port Discovery Museum! We were unsure of what to expect but it was supposed to be like a children's museum and a science center or we ventured! It turned out to be a TON of fun! We did lots of exploring in the science exhibits and decided to purchase the annual membership since I can totally see us coming here time and time again!

We actually didn't end up even visiting the children's museum part but are excited to return sometime soon to test it out! We really enjoyed the center and see it being a great place to play for the years we're here!

When we finished up there everyone was tired and in need of a pick me up! So we headed to Layoco for some yummy frozen yogurt treats! It was delicious and a perfect treat on a hot day! Here's hoping we can make the most of the rest of this weekend!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Meeting Mr. Jake

I think I wrote some about this last spring, but it bears sharing again! Jake is at such a FUN age right now! I really think 2.5 is the sweet spot. He's kind, loving, snuggly, sweet, and rarely has tantrums. (I literally think we're skipping the "terrible twos" with him) He loves being a big brother to Oliver and can often be found updating us on Oliver's status to insure he's cared for! For example, at night when Jake is in bed but not quite asleep sometimes Oliver will cry. Jake will hear him and then yell "Oliver's crying!" It's the sweetest thing!

He also loves to do anything with his big sister. Almost annoyingly so to her but he loves her so much! When they're not arguing or fighting over toys they can usually be found snuggling on the couch reading stories or watching shows together! He is definitely a Daddy's boy too. Pretty much anytime Daddy is home I am completely forgotten! He loves to snuggle Daddy and can often be found sneaking out to the garage or backyard when Daddy is working on projects. His favorite is to play dress up "just like Daddy".

Jake is seriously growing SO fast! We recently bought him a twin sized mattress because he'd been using the toddler bed and was too big and wiggly for it. I would hear him banging into the wall during my middle of the night feedings with Oliver and Jake would wake up saying his head hurt, poor kid! That has since been remedied and he sleeps perfectly well in his new (Cars themed) bed! And don't worry...he just doesn't have a bed because we have some plans for what we're doing with the kids' beds and haven't done the rearranging yet!

Lastly, I have to share this funny "Jakeism" I call these flip flops or floppies and Nate calls them sandals...because of our discrepancy in terminology Jake has created his own hybrid and calls them flopals! It is super cute and I will seriously cry the day he stops saying it! Age two is the best!

We are blessed by this little boy every day and his character and personality are EXPLODING right now! We love watching him learn and grow and interact with the world around him. He is just a joy in our home! We love you Jaker! 
Thursday, August 10, 2017

This is Happy.

Do you ever have a day that is just so smooth and wonderful that you just feel happy about it? Well to be honest, we haven't had many days like that especially since moving {it's been straight up tough y'all} but today was one of those blessed days! First things first, this boy...he woke up like this. Happy, babbling to himself and with a huge smile when anyone came in! I am so grateful! After the horrors of the last few weeks (with his sleeping) I'll admit I wondered if we'd ever find peace again but honestly he's gotten down his patterns again and this is literally how he wakes nearly every day {and at naptime too!}.

Then after Emma left for school, we had to run some errands so I headed off to Kroger to get a few things. Jake was so excited because I finally had a penny on hand so he could ride this horse! And it was awesome! It plays the Lone Ranger song and only costs 1 cent! Perfection!

We were at the store to pick up donuts and blueberries for Emma's school. The first grade parents are hosting a breakfast for the kindergarten parents called a "Tears & Cheers" breakfast since tomorrow is their first day!

Jake was sad to hear the donuts (or doonuts as he calls them) were not for him so I conceded and grabbed a couple extra for us! He chose this fancy star shaped one.

Then after Emma arrived home she was in a good mood and everyone was happy and having a fun day!

I'm so glad we had a good {and easy} day! Truthfully most days are not like this. There's cranky kids, messy houses, tired mamas, and loads of other upsets but every once in a while you get a nice easy day and it makes all those other days worth it. We must be doing somethin' right!
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hobby Lobby Trip

Now that I'm down one kid during the day I feel like I can do so much more! It's amazing how only missing one helps SO much. Anywho, the boys and I headed out to Hobby Lobby after Emma left for school. Mostly because I honestly can't remember the last time I went there and frankly I just wanted to browse since I knew the Christmas stuff was up! It turned out to be a fun little excursion! Jake was a hoot and a half. He loved all of the Christmas trees and lights!

Plus when we came up to some Christmas trees on display he proudly wore them as hats, hilarious!

Then when he spied these three wreath and he starts shouting "It's Mickey!" I'm of course looking for some cartoon Mickey dressed as Santa or something and keep saying "Where?" He gets frustrated and points and says "It's HUGE!" Then I finally see what he's looking at...we must be raising him right! {As a note to my non-Disney friends/ of the fun aspects about Disney is finding "Hidden Mickeys" and Jake is already trained to do so, haha}

We had a lot of fun and I'm so grateful for this time I get to spend with just my little boys! Jake is literally at such a fun age right now! More on that to come though :)
Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Four Month Check Up!

Well time is just flying WAY TOO FAST! I can't believe that Oliver is already four months old (on the 1st!). He is a big chunky cuddle bug and we just love him to pieces! We took him in for his four month check up today and he was a champ. He weighed in at 16 pounds even, and measured 25 inches. He is quite the growing boy! And can you believe these rolls?! Haha, he is just the sweetest!

The only down side of this (and many of his) check up is that he had to get some shots. Thankfully Daddy was able to tag along and help out with everything since I still have Jake in tow as well! Oliver did great though and earned himself some super rad camo band-aids!

I can't believe 1/3 of his first year has already past! Before I know it we'll be celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY! We're so blessed that he's in our lives though admittedly this month was really difficult. Since he's learned to roll over he hit the lovely "four month regression" on his sleep! There were SO MANY nights that he was literally up every single hour. It was torture. I am exhausted and I think we are now plateauing back to normal but it's been seriously about two weeks and I'm worn out! Especially since we're back to school and I can't exactly fall back asleep at 6AM like Oliver does. Oh well, hopefully he'll even himself back out in the next few days and I can get some of my sleep back!

Other than that though he is a great eater, he loves to smile and laugh, and he's become more interactive with toys and people. We all love him and are so blessed he is part of our family!
Monday, August 7, 2017

Our Sweet Cub of the Week

When Emma jumped off the bus this afternoon, she was so excited to tell me that she was chosen as her class's Cub of the Week! I'm not quite sure what all it entails but I know she gets to be line leader, help with the daily calendar, and gets a stuffed Cub that sits on her desk! I checked the school's website and sure enough...there she was!

I'm so proud of her and am excited for this new journey she gets to enjoy!!