Monday, April 24, 2017

Oliver's Blessing Day

We decided, once we figured out when we would be moving, that we wanted to go ahead and bless Oliver while we were still in Cheyenne! He would only be a few weeks old but we didn't want to wait and end up blessing him in a ward where we knew no one! It turned out to be a beautiful spring day {even though we had snow on Friday}. My parents were able to secure inexpensive plane tickets and made it up for the day too!

Nate did such a wonderful blessing! I really wish I had recorded more of what he's said at each of our baby's blessings because each time is so different yet so personal to each child and I can't wait to see how those blessings are fulfilled. Oliver was a real champ! He didn't cry, slept the whole time, and made it through all of Sacrament Meeting. Since my parents were really only in town for this one day we went ahead and headed home after Sacrament to spend some time together.

I feel so lucky and blessed by this sweet family we are growing and I can't wait to see what kind of personality Oliver shares with us! We are truly blessed!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Little Boy

Oliver is already two and a half weeks old! I can't even describe how quickly this time has flown. With getting ready for a move, Emma heading to school everyday, and lots of things happening we have been flying through these days! And I know that the next couple of weeks will be just as hectic and fast! Even so, we try to enjoy our time together especially in the evenings, and try to spend some quality time with our kiddos throughout the week! Emma is SUCH a great big sister! She always wants to be by Oliver {and me, but you know I'm just there so the kid can eat}. And she is so much more comfortable holding a baby this time around. I know she is immensely missed by everyone when she's at school, but we're grateful for whatever time we have!

I received the sweetest box this past week from our good friends the Urbansky's. {We are so blessed by those who we've welcomed into our Air Force Family}. She sent new books for both Emma and Jake {which they began reading immediately}, a Dumbo changing mat and snuggle for Oliver, and even a sweet little gift for me! We are truly blessed by their generosity and friendship and sincerely hope that our lives will cross paths again one day in the future!

Jake is slowly adjusting to the baby and not acting as timid around him {though there are still times he's a little nervous}. He mostly just loves to watch Oliver, though he will occasionally poke him or gently rub his head! He loves to share with Oliver and I hope they will be great playmates one day! In fact, yesterday when I went into the kitchen for a minute I came back and Oliver's helicopter was right next to his face while Jake played with his plane right beside him. I can't get over the kind heart and sweetness that my Jakey exudes. He is such a blessing to our family!

It never ceases to amaze me how much a baby changes each day! I feel like Oliver has already grown so much (and according to his two week check up last Friday he is back up to his delivery weight, woo hoo!). He's growing and changing so much so quickly but I'm grateful everyday that I get to be here for his little changes. :) I'm excited to see how he'll impact our family over time!

Things are set to get super crazy here soon...the movers are coming THIS WEEK, my parents will be here this weekend so we can bless Oliver, we'll be out of our house next week, and then we're on to Louisiana! It's all going too fast but we are doing pretty well. Thankfully Nate starts his paternity leave on Thursday so hopefully we'll get some time together and I'll have some help! Wish us luck over the next couple of weeks!
Monday, April 17, 2017

Post-Easter Let Down

Nate's parents left this morning and Emma headed back to school while Nate headed off to work, I really wish we had a day off after a long crazy weekend but it's back to the grindstone! We did have a wonderful weekend though and we are only TWO WEEKS away from leaving Wyoming forever! Can you believe it?! I know I can't!! I always love to look back and compare how much we change from year to's Easter last year and this year! We've added a whole new person! Wow! I can't even begin to imagine what next year will look like (as we'll be in Louisiana, crazy). Hopefully, I'll pick some different colors besides shades of blue, haha.

We are so blessed by this sweet little family of ours and I can't wait to watch them grow and evolve together. Oliver is already a perfect fit and I can't wait to see what kind of personality he has, especially since my other two are so completely different! We are blessed. :)
Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!

This is absolutely one of my favorite seasons! I love the excitement of new growth and thawing out {especially the long cold winters here}. Plus, I love knowing that I have a Savior who loves me and suffered and died for me so I can be with my sweet family forever and enjoy eternal life! It truly is a beautiful time of year and I love taking a day to remember that. :) We were lucky to spend such a wonderful day celebrating with Nate's parents this year!

Our morning started off early, per usual, haha. The kids were excited to head downstairs and find their Easter baskets! Even though Emma did admit she snuck down early to find them ;) Everyone was happy with what they got and was excited for all their new fun things!

We enjoyed a breakfast of bunny shaped cinnamon rolls and fruit before heading off to church! I was extra proud of my preparation before Oliver's birth to get all of us matching outfits! Woo hoo! I think my kiddos looked super cute and we received many compliments!

Following a wonderful church meeting where we learned all about the Atonement, we came home and the kiddos were itching to do their Easter egg hunt! Jake figured things out pretty quickly and we had to remind Emma that she was not allowed to get ALL of the eggs! They did great! Though, I'm like 99% sure there's still an egg in the yard somewhere {though no one has actually gone out to look}.

We ended our day watching BFG, while Emma modeled her new swim suit...silly girl! Then we had our traditional ham dinner which apparently Emma LOVED cause she had two helpings that she devoured!

Overall, I'd say we had an amazing day! We had a lot of fun celebrating, remembering Christ, and being together as a family. We are truly blessed! Happy Easter everyone!
Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pre-Easter Fun!

The kids were up bright and early this morning, very excited to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa! I know they're going to really miss living so close and being able to see them on a fairly regular basis...thank goodness for technology we are able to stay in touch even when we're far away!

We decided to take it easy today. We enjoyed time together...watching movies...playing all day long...and dying Easter eggs! Emma was begging to do this all day and we finally got everything out and ready after Jake's nap. We only did a few {since none of us really eat hard boiled eggs, haha} but we had a good time!

I bought a super cheap little kit and was actually surprised at how well they dyed the eggs! I was worried since it was cheap that it wouldn't hold up. It did though and we enjoyed dying eggs! I really need to learn how to make good deviled eggs then maybe we would eat them ;)

I'm really enjoying having three kiddos to share experiences with and I'm pretty sure Nate's parents are enjoying their time with the grandbabies! There's been plenty of snuggles, silliness, and just plain fun for everyone!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Nate's parents were supposed to come up the week Oliver was born, however, circumstances being as they were {Nate's grandfather passed away just a few days before the birth} they were unable to make it! Normally, this wouldn't have been an overly huge deal but since we are moving in a few short weeks across the country we are unsure of when we'll get to see them next! We wanted to be sure they would get to see this baby before we move so we invited them to come up this weekend. They were able to get here today around 3:45 and we were able to celebrate Roger's birthday! It was all a lot of fun :) We celebrated with yummy hamburgers and buffalo burgers, and a yummy carrot cake per request of the birthday boy!

The kids have been so excited to see Grandma & Grandpa and I'm sure we will have a great weekend, especially since we're throwing Easter into the mix too! Happy Birthday Roger! We're so glad we got to celebrate with you today!