Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We kept things really simple this year, as can be expected when you are 37 weeks pregnant and exhausted, but we still had some fun! I was able to do mine and Emma's St. Patrick's Day nails this week (though I didn't actually get a picture of hers) which was a big accomplishment since I didn't do them last year!

I packed a special green lunch for Nate (who was on alert), for Emma while at school, and served it to Jake at home! Everyone loved it and especially Emma was excited to find an all green lunch when she opened her lunch box!

The kids both wore green today, and we ended our night with a yummy dinner of scalloped ham and potatoes, and a few gold coins! I'd say it was a fairly successful day...maybe next year we'll venture to do more but for now I'm happy with our celebrating! And seriously hoping this baby arrives SOON!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

St. Paddy's Day Kick Off!

As usual, our friendly resident Leprechauns surprised us with a fun and festive breakfast this morning to kick things off for celebrating this week! Even though there was no milk for the cereal, everything was yummy!

The kids really enjoyed having some fun before we had to drop Emma off at school, and I was impressed at my ability to do anything at 37 weeks pregnant! Haha Here's to a fun filled GREEN week!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nacho Average Baby Shower

I can't express how blessed I've been here with amazing friends and supportive people in the ward! The same friend who threw me a baby shower two years ago when I was pregnant with Jake, jumped at the chance to throw me another one now! Since this is my third baby, I didn't feel right having a "normal" shower where people just bring gifts and such. So after a little brainstorming my brilliant friend came up with the theme "Nacho Average Baby Shower". The theme centered around yummy Mexican food and instead of gifts all were asked to bring fabric scraps and other tidbits to put together a fun quiet book during the shower! I thought it was PERFECT!

We had a lot of fun, and the quiet book turned out SO cute! We made letters spelling out "Larson Fairytale" and I was impressed with how different, imaginative, and unique each page is! I was able to bring fabric from each of the kids' rooms and incorporate that as well!

It was a really fun night and I'm so blessed by the creative genius that is my friend Amber! I'll be super sad when we leave in a few months, but I know she's one that I'll keep in touch with through the years ;)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

House Hunting

It has been BUSY the past couple of weeks! Nate was gone most of the end of February on a TDY which left me exhausted and alone with the kids. Then literally like 4 days later he left AGAIN, this time to do some house hunting in Louisiana! {If you missed it we will be stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA in May}. Anywho, he's spent the bulk of the last few days touring all the houses we had previously checked out online and constantly calling, texting, and updating me to keep me in the loop. I decided it would not be the best time to travel with me at about 36 weeks pregnant, plus with Emma in school I felt bad making her miss so many days. Thankfully my husband is AMAZING at talking through things and kept me very well informed during every leg of his journey!

I am happy to say after months of research, days of touring, and many many discussions, we have settled on a house! YAY! AND we've had an offer accepted on it, DOUBLE YAY! We are set to close on it the beginning of April and we are so happy we found something that we really like in a neighborhood that we know will be great for our family. Now if we could just get past the next couple of months and the millions of things still to do before we move away we'd be golden!

Nate gets home tonight from his trip and then thankfully will have this next week off (as he still has "house hunting days" to use). I have big plans to make good use of his time and get stuff checked off our to-do list, that seems to be growing more and more each day! EEK!
Thursday, March 2, 2017


We are exactly six months from my 29th birthday, meaning we are only a mere 1.5 years from my 30th birthday! While I haven't exactly felt that intense stress/fear/freak out yet it certainly is weird to think about "growing up". For some reason 30 feels more adult then being in your 20s. Anywho, a blog that I absolutely love reading did a 40x41 challenge a couple of years ago (she's set to finish up here in the next month or two) and I absolutely loved the idea! The premise is that she has 40 bucket list items she would like to complete by her 41st birthday (essentially doing them during her 40th year). I figured it would be such a fun way to work towards some of MY bucket list items before I'm 31! I've been thinking long and hard about what items would be fun, useful, and just plain necessary. Some of these activities/items are things that we've been talking about for a while, and some are just things that I figured would be fun! The idea is to start work on this list today and complete said list by my 31st birthday (September 2, 2019). This gives me roughly 2.5 years to work out all these details and hopefully complete the list! Wish me luck as I pursue this great task! Hopefully blogging it here will help keep me accountable and keep me motivated to actually do all the things I constantly talk about doing! :) Here's to an exciting couple of years and a wonderful celebration of my life!

      1.  Take real family pictures {with a photographer} - we have never really taken family photos! Nate typically just snaps a picture of us for our Christmas card, and we grab family shots throughout the year when we can. I'd love to do an actual photoshoot and have some "Forever" pictures of our family!

      2.     Visit Disneyland again! - we absolutely LOVED our Disneyland trip way back in 2013! It was magical and fun, but we only had one kiddo at the time! Sadly we are moving to practically the opposite side of the country, but I'd love to make this happen again. It's such a different experience from WDW or the Disney Cruise.

      3.     Another couples’ trip, destination TBD - Our couples' trip last spring was seriously amazing! It brought us closer together, was super fun, and relieved so much stress in our marriage. We'd love to plan another one {and coincidentally our 10 Year Anniversary will fall during this time} so hopefully we can make it work! We're open to any destinations :)

      4.     Float the Frio - This is something my family has talked about every time we visit Texas, however, we usually have a baby or are pregnant or whatever. Now that we're moving closer I'm hoping we can squeeze in a fun day trip to do this!

      5.     Visit a WDW Water Park - This is another thing that we've talked about A TON. We think it'd be fun and it's a new experience! We're tentatively planning a trip next year with Nate's parents and are hoping to spend a day doing this while there.

      6.     Plan a fabulous and fun 30th birthday party! - Every year I tell myself I'm going to throw a big birthday party...this seems like the right time!

      7.     Get a real massage - Another thing I've never done but would love to experience! Definitely a priority!

      8.     Redecorate Master Bedroom - We have never really decorated our Master Bedroom, mostly just slept there. I'd love to actually devote some time (and money) to creating a space that is functional, beautiful, and a respite for us!

      9.     Take Emma to see a ballet performance - Emma loves dance and I really think this would be something that She would enjoy doing.

      10.  Get savings up to $XXXX and leave it there! - We have a goal to get our savings up and keep it there, hopefully we can FINALLY get this one checked off! It would be a huge stress relief and a nice fall-back.
      11.  Start work on Bachelor’s in Nursing - I've been wanting to do this since I graduated with my ADN years ago, but haven't had the time/resources. I'd love to get started now! Thank goodness for online programs!

      12.  Get down to prepregnancy weight (before Emma) & keep it off - Another goal I've talked about forever, let's hope I can do least until the next baby comes along. ;)

      13.  Participate in the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k race - This race seems so fun and I'd love to do it!

      14.  Finish Christmas presents and planning in July - I tell myself every year that I'm going to get things done in July {to help relieve some of the stress that comes in December} but yet never get around to it. Hopefully I can do it now!

      15.  Read 15 books on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge - I'm always on the lookout for great reads and I also love Gilmore Girls. I feel like this is a good list to start from, plus it will be fun to do!

      16.  Participate in a RunDisney event at the Disney Parks - Another thing my hubby and I have talked about A TON. It'd be fun and healthy!

      17.  Clean out and organize cedar chest - I've been toting this thing around since my Junior year in high school and truth be told I haven't even really looked inside in years, there's probably more than enough stuff I could clean out and declutter!

      18.  Simplify, organize, declutter, and minimize “things” in our house - I don't want to be a true minimalist, but I know we have WAY TOO MUCH...let's get rid of it!

      19.  Get pregnant with final baby - As of right now, we're thinking about 4 kids...let's get it done here soon ;)

     20.  Plan a sisters’ trip {and mom if she wants to go} – We talk about this constantly and I'd love to finally plan something to do for a girls' trip!
      21.  Adopt a family for Christmas/random act of kindness for them - Every year I am plagued with the idea that we should do more service oriented activities as a family, I would love my children to get a deeper meaning for Christmas. This will be the year!

      22.  Re-earn my Young Womanhood Medallion - Just a personal goal I've been thinking about, I put tons of hours into my calling and would love to earn this again.

      23.  Have once a month date night with my hubby - We always intend to do this but life seems to always get in the way. I'd love to finally make this a habit and be able to strengthen our marriage!

      24.  Switch to “real food” ideals - We've touched on this path in small doses, but I'd like to finally be able to get our family on track to a healthier, most sustainable life style.

      25.  Research LASIK and see if it’s the right path for me – if so, get it done! - We've chatted about this but I'm a bit nervous, I'd love to research more and see if it's worth it and a good idea for me. It would give me so much freedom!

      26.  Create a useable craft space/room with organization and ease of use - I have so much craft stuff that I love but it never seems to be super usable because I don't have it organized in a space I can use. I'd love to come up with something organized and that can also be moved from place to place through our Air Force journey!

      27.  Read the Book Of Mormon - This is something I really need to do! It's an amazing book and I really need to reapply myself and help draw myself closer to my Savior.

      28.  Visit New Orleans – historic sites, Mardi Gras, etc. - We are moving to Louisiana and I can't wait to experience some new things! We've never been to New Orleans before so I think it'd be awesome to explore the fun, history, and newness of it all.

      29.  Pick blueberries at Hillcrest Blueberry Farm - Another fun outing near our new home and I can't wait to experience it with my sweet family!

      30.  Organize Disney pictures/memorabilia and use as d├ęcor in home - We have officially become a "Disney family" but along with that there's dozens of pictures and memorabilia that have joined our home. I'd love to find some neat way to display it so we can enjoy it year round!

      I'm so excited to get started on this list and hopefully be able to knock out some of my dreams over the next couple of years! Wish me luck!
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lost Tooth #2!

When Emma had her last loose tooth we were aware that her other bottom tooth was also very loose, but given the amount of time it took to lose the first I figured we had a while! However, on Sunday Nate was checking it out and was saying it would fall out any day! Low and behold, IT DID! It actually fell out at school and she thought it was so fun that they gave her a tooth necklace to store her tooth in until she got home!

She of course, needed to write ANOTHER letter to our sweet resident Tooth Fairy! ;) And I can't believe that she's now lost TWO teeth in just a week!

We also have to read this Tooth Fairy book we own (it was mine as a kid) and it just completes the whole experience! I can't believe how big she is getting! Time please slow down!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Wrap Up

This has been an interesting month! Although, honestly, much better than January!! From losing teeth to Nate being gone for multiple reasons (TDY for hunting) and everything in between, there sure are stressful moments but we are blessed! Most days, especially when Nate is gone, I am so frazzled but I'm thankful I have these two to keep me company...

I thought this was a fun moment when Emma was supposed to be cleaning her room {or take a nap} and she actually fell asleep putting on chapstick! Haha, I KNEW she was tired!

And last but not least, just when I was feeling overwhelmed that Nate was gone AGAIN I received the SWEETEST package in the mail from a good friend in Texas! She makes fabulous cookies, but doesn't ship just yet, and so it was a total act of love on her part! Plus they were delicious and cute! It really made up for any stress I was feeling :)

In other news, I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and Nate is down in Louisiana looking at houses for us to live in! We have so many big and exciting things coming up in the next few months...Here's to a new month and more wonderful adventures!!